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Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support for families facing Autism. We will fulfil this mission through three anchor programs.

We are a young organization, and our anchor programs are in various stages of development. At this time, we are focusing specifically on Georgia families. We do not have financial stipends available at this time, and are still gathering funds for that aspect of Myles-A-Part. Please join our mailing list to receive monthly alerts on events and developments, including the first stipends offered for families.
  1. The Hourglass Early Intervention Program (HEIP) will provide financial stipends for therapies not covered by insurance or Medicaid, as well as providing guidance for effective early intervention.
  2. Thrive, the program focused on emotional support for couples and families, including marriage counseling, grief counseling and support for siblings of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) children.
  3. The Autism Initiative for Minorities (AIM), which will focus on the disparate late diagnosis and less effective intervention seen among African- American and Hispanic Autisic children. We will focus on identifying these children, getting an accurate diagnosis, and then helping them to access appropriate services.
Though all of the anchor programs are still developing, we plan to make strides in every one of them before the year is out. Can you imagine the children who will regain their words and connect with their parents again through our early intervention program? Can you imagine marriages that would have crumbled under the stress of Autism, rescued and restored through the support of Thrive? Can you imagine minority children in urban and rural areas who are being diagnosed later than their peers, or not at all, and being helped less effectively, actually beating the odds and surpassing everyone's expectations through AIM? I can imagine all that and more. It keeps me up at night and it's one of the first things I think about in the morning when my feet hit the floor. It will happen. I invite you to be "a part."

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